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Who Owes What

Friends, colleagues, money – it can be sticky when they intersect.

You and your friends or co-workers just finished sharing a nice dinner and now it’s time to pay the check. One person gets out a pen and starts divvying the bill by hand on a napkin. Meantime, you simply open Who Owes What and within a few clicks have the answer, tip included. Your friend just calculated how much the tip should be and is about to do all the adding and dividing.

Who Owes What is a fast and convenient way to help you keep track of shared expenses. Track what people owe you, figure out who is buying the next round, split a bill evenly or according to what each person owes. It doesn’t matter – the app is there to help.

Remember that friend who still owes you from last month, when the two of you went to the movies? You forgot? Well, that doesn’t need to happen again. Who Owes What can monitor loans and debts with one or more people over time. Anytime you want, you can view a transaction list to see any outstanding monies owed to you. Cool, right?

What about those outings where you and a friend take turns paying? This app can handle that, too. Even if someone has previously taken extra turns footing the bill, Who Owes What keeps tabs on who should pick up the check. You don’t have to try to remember or figure it out because it’s all done for you. It’s so simple! All it takes is a tap or two. You can add notes too, if you want.

When it comes to restaurant bills, you’ll really love Who Owes What. It allows you to quickly and easily add a tip and split the check, evenly or according to what each person owes. Need to add a kids’ meal to one share? No problem, one little adjustment and you’ll have the right totals for everyone.

The app’s clean, one-screen data entry makes it a snap and a pleasure to use. It will remember the last tip rate you used, let you easily adjust rates and amounts, and even allows you to email the current status of an IOU. All so you can relax, have fun and don’t have to worry about these things. Who Owes What does what it can to make your life a little more carefree.

Who Owes What provides four apps in one – IOU, Whose Turn, Tip Calculator and Check Split. We have put a lot of thought into each app because we use them ourselves. Download Who Owes What from the App Store today, then arrange an outing. You can just relax and let the application worry about the split expenses.